Los Cabos – Hoteles Solaris
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Los Cabos

The two jewels of this corridor are Santa Maria Bay and Chileno Beach, where you can practice water sports and go snorkeling and scuba diving.


Spanish Missions, an art and culture oasis

Come and visit one of the oldest and most historic Missions not only in the peninsula but in Mexico as well. You can explore these incredible buildings that are preserved in perfect conditions, for example San Ignacio Mission, which is one of the most beautiful and preserved in Baja California Sur. This was built by the father Juan Bautista Luyando at the beginning of the XVIII century. Come and get to know these historic places where missionaries brought the famous rose bushes that are on this land.

Jesuit Missions

Follow the missioners path, who conquer the native with evangelization instead of doing it using weapons. In order to do their religious rituals that needed wine and oils, a permission was granted to sow vineyards and olive trees that were prohibited in New Spain, as a result, the area now produces exquisite wines and olive oil.  

Desert tropical fruits harvest

Jesuits not only evangelized the natives, they also taught them how to make the desert to produce fruits based on different seasons of the year, like: corn, wheat or sugar cane. And also madre earth to produce fruit trees like avocado.

San Francisco Javier, a Baja California jewel

Francisco Javier Mission was founded in 1699. It is built with adobe and has a rectory built by Fr. Francisco María Piccolo. Due to its amazing architecture this Mission has won the title of: “The Baja California jewel”.

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