VILLAS SOLARIS S. DE R.L.. DE C.V. Being a company incorporated under the Mexico laws, with mailing address at Av. Reforma Sur No. 1000 Col. Industrial Jorge Carreño, Tehuacán Puebla, CP 75770. It is responsible for collecting Personal Data, using it at its convenience, taking care of it, using it for electronic bills. Personal data will be used to provide the service requested, to notify about any changes and to assess the quality service provided by VILLAS SOLARIS. The data will be processed in accordance with the Mexican Federal Law, Personal data Protection issued by authorities in the field. The Confidentiality of Data is ensured through administrative secure measures.


The Privacy Notice has as an objective to establish the terms and conditions under which VILLAS SOLARIS S. DE R.L. DE C.V. protects Personal Data for its Costumers, Members, Guests and Suppliers. This is controlled under the Mexican Federal Law terms and conditions on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (“LFPDPPP”). This Privacy Notice allows VILLAS SOLARIS S. DE R.L. DE C.V to accomplish its Contractual obligations, as well as those derived from Legislation and Administrative Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data in Mercantile and Tax matters.


VILLAS SOLARIS S. DE R.L. C.V undertakes to observe the Principles of Legality, Consent, Information, Quality, Purpose, Loyalty and Responsibility in the management of Collecting Personal Data without using fraud or deception. The use of Personal Data is limited to the fulfillment of the set out Purposes in this Privacy Notice. VILLAS SOLARIS S. DE R.L. DE C.V. agrees to cancel or delete the Information provided once this information is no longer in service, only in that case, the customer is no longer required to fulfill the purposes set out in this Privacy Notice. This has as aim to preserve such information and documentation required to comply with the Obligations stated on the Commercial Code, on the Federal Tax Code and other Tax Laws current or future applicable law.
LIABILITY POLITIC: In order to comply with this Privacy Notice (LFPDPPP) and with the Administrative Law, VILLAS SOLARIS S. DE R.L. DE C.V. has established the Personal Data Department at the company to process applications to enforce the Costumers’ Rights.


VILLAS SOLARIS S.A DE C.V. Collects and uses the Personal Data, Information that can identify Customers fairly and information that can be recorded in several legal documents. Personal Data that can be collected includes: Name, Last Name; birthdate and place of birth; country of origin and nationality; profession, occupation or activity; mailing address; Email address; phone number and/or cellphone number; Credit and/or debit card number, financial institution that issues it, date of issuance and expiration, security digit and bank account; Social Security Number; auto-register data; any Official ID with the Customer photo, this last one needs to be scanned to have it on file. VILLAS SOLARIS members, customers, guests and suppliers have the Right to advice any illness, disability or handicaps that do not allow them to enjoy completely of the facilities at Solaris.


Personal Data will be collected and processed for the following purposes:
1. Manage VILLAS SOLARIS members, customers, guests, and suppliers Data and keep it updated on file.
2. Establish communication with VILLAS SOLARIS members, customers, guests and suppliers providing information of Contracted Services and Activities.
3. Carry out Marketing Services based on: booking confirmation form and receipt of payments.
4. Record and ensure the confirmed booking according to conditions previously agreed.
5. Provide legible information to VILLAS SOLARIS members, customers, guests and suppliers regarding Politics in the Contract, kind of services provided, facilities, the ways of payment, services rates, calendars and any other information needed for reservation, the confirmation of the reservation, Services dates and time.
6. Release the Meal and Beverage service, room service, room maintenance, telephone service, parking, and entertainment based on pre-defined policies.
7. Arrange the payments schedule of VILLAS SOLARIS members, customers, guests and future members. Arrange the way of payment, being by credit card, cash, check or a wire transfer.
8. Process payment, elaborate and send the physical or digital invoice.
9. Manage credit to Customers, guests, members, and future members.
10. Send advertising brochures, including Specials’ Notifications that can provide information from the Resorts’ suppliers, these will be sent to each Member of VILLAS SOLARIS. Members who do not want to received such notifications need to request it by email to [email protected]
11. Manage check in and check out of Members, guests, suppliers, and future members based on pre-defined and communicated policies.
12. Control access to the Resort facilities.
13. Control Guests access to the Resort.
14. Safeguard All VILLAS SOLARIS members’ goods. VILLAS SOLARIS destroys or sends and delivers the Member’s objects, documents, or any other members’ valuables.
15. Visualize upcoming Members and Suppliers, consider the benefits in both parties and make the negotiation, agreement and arrange the purchase and/or sale.
16. VILLAS SOLARIS S. DE R.L. DE C.V. has implemented on-site video surveillance cameras for security purposes. These recordings will be stored in a secure and restricted are, where only Managers and Directors will have access. These recordings also will be destroyed unless they are needed for legal searching or any other follow-ups based on Mexico Law.


VILLAS SOLARIS S. DE R.L. DE C.V. responsible for the personal data obtained may transfer to related parties, whether national or foreigners who are part of the economic group to which it belongs. In that case VILLAS SOLARIS S. DE R.L. DE C.V. adopt the measures and provisions necessary for persons and entities who have access to their personal data, comply with the privacy and security standards themselves. Including in them the principles of protection of personal data provided in the applicable legislation. In effect, lend their services and carry out the processes described in paragraph V above.


VILLAS SOLARIS S. DE R.L. DE C.V. stores Personal Data as long as necessary to process Members’ requests and/or services as well as to keep up-to date the accounting, the financial statements and the auditing in terms of Commercial law, tax and administrative regulations. Personal Data collected by VILLAS SOLARIS S. DE R.L. DE C.V is protected by administrative security measures suitable to any damage, loss, alteration, destruction or use of none authorize Data access based on the National Law ·LFPDPPP). All Personal Data is stored in Electronic form, in confidential and secure databases. When processing Personal Data assets as well as Bank Account Information, VILLAS SOLARIS S. DE R.L. DE C.V. uses procedures designed to protect Members’ Personal Data by using Secret Usernames and Passwords. Such Data is stored in Computer Systems protected against viruses, spyware and other malicious codes. In addition, VILLAS SOLARIS uses Firewall-protected networks and controlled access facilities.


In case of making any update to the Privacy Notice, VILLAS SOLARIS MEMERS will be notified by this website. At the same time, Members have the right to access, correct and/or cancel his/her Personal Data, as well as to disagree on VILLAS SOLARIS using such Data. In order to know and to have the procedure done, the Member needs to contact the Personal Data Department by sending the request to the following e-mail address: [email protected] Members can also go to the Main Office at Av Reforma Sur No. 1000 Col. Industrial Jorge Carreño, Tehuacán Puebla, Mexico, CP 7577, visit VILLAS SOLARIS website www.hotelessolaris.com and/or call to 238 38 03350

IX. ARCO RIGHTS (Access, Ratification, Cancellation and Opposition)

VILLAS SOLARIS MEMBERS have the right to get their Data corrected or updated on file, have the right also to request the removal of Data Information anytime. VILLAS SOLARIS will respect Members’ decision not using their Personal Data for any purpose once the member requested not to use such Data. Therefore, Data will be cancelled and deleted from the system..


VILLAS SOLARIS S. DE R.L. DE C.V. may modify this Privacy Notice any time in order to implement improvements or to add new and innovative Secure Measures updated also in the National Law. Due to this, VILLAS SOLARIS encourages you to check your account often to keep you updated.


You as Member agree on VILLAS SOLARIS collecting your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Notice. You also agree on stating on a form by your own that you will provide the requested information voluntarily, form that can be sent by email, fax or postal mail. On the other hand, VILLAS SOLARIS S. DE R.L. DE C.V. agrees on not destroying the form, having it on records for tax and accounting purposes to comply with Legal Obligations. However, the Personal Data provided will not be used for any other purposes once you request to delete such information.


This Privacy Notice is based on the Federal Law on Protecting Personal Data in Possession of Individuals, the Federal Civil Code and other laws and administrative regulations that currently apply.