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Cancun is a sophisticated caribbean city, it is famous for its blue waters with turquoise shades, its white beaches with soft sand, incredible malls and an endless night life.

Cancún Travel info

Things you need know before traveling to Cancun

Cancun has a growing downtown, with a 450,000 population. It is simple to arrive by bus to the main avenue called Tulum Avenue from Royal Solaris Cancun. 

Cancun International Airport serves to cAncun and to the Riviera Maya and its located only 9 miles from Royal Solaris. By air Cancun is at one hour and a half from Miami and three and half hours form New York or Chicago. The airlines that travel to Cancun are: 

  • Aeroméxico
  • American Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Continental
  • Delta
  • Northwest
  • TWA
  • USAirways

Entry requirements and procedures

During your trip, you will receive a customs format and other for your visa; you will be able to fill the information before landing at the airport. When you arrive, you’ll pass by immigration and present your visa format and passport. Another valid proof of citizenship can be your birth certificate, id, naturalization papers or a citizen affidavit. You will need a copy of your visa in your returning flight. Parents that are traveling alone with children, shall present a notarized letter with the other parent authorization to go out, and return to the country. There are no exceptions for this requirement. 

Weather and Customs

Once you pass through immigration, you will pick up your baggage and present your customs format. Then you will push a button that resembles a lightstreet, if the light is green then you can pass through, otherwise if the light is red, your baggage will be reviewed. 

Cancun has humid tropical weather.


The official currency is Mexican Peso. The price is published in the reception or in currency change cabins in the hotel area. American dollars are received in several places, although in some stores the currency change will be less than the atm or change cabins. ATMs are located easily and credit cards are accepted in several places and tourist areas. Banks are open on business days from 9:00am to 2:00pm. Banks are closed on sundays and festivities.


Cancun’s lifestyle is more calmed and relaxed than in the United Sttes or Canada. You will find that in some towns around Cancun, taking naps or breaks around noon is a tradition that remains alive, so some auto service stores are closed between 1:00pm and 4:00pm. A lot of stores  are open without interruption in the hotel area. In the restaurants it is normal to remain at the table after the meal just to chat, so it is rude to give the check before it is requested. We suggest you ask for your check so you can leave your table whenever you want.

Giving Tips

In Solaris Hotels, all tips and taxes are included. However, in some restaurants you will have to leave tips. 

What you should bring

If you are planning to go for a walk by the sea or lagoon, bring a sweater or jacket. Casual clothing, shorts or shirts are good for almost every occasion. For late meals, the dress code is casual, men should wear pants and shirts. Women can wear shorts and shirts or light tops and cocktail dresses for the afternoons. Bathing suits are good for the beach or pools, but we suggest covering yourself when going out for walks, shopping or going to restaurants. Also bring sunscreen, glasses or hats. Bring your prescription medicines. If you are planning to go scuba diving, do not forget to bring your licence or certificate.

Dress Code

In Solaris Hotels, the dress code is casual and very relaxed, however we require formal dressing for our speciality restaurants. No shorts, shirts or pool sandals are allowed. We appreciate your comprehension.


Solaris Hotels, as well as several hotels and restaurants from the hotel area use purified water. However if you have any questions, you can also ask for bottled water. 

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