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Cancun is a sophisticated caribbean city, it is famous for its blue waters with turquoise shades, its white beaches with soft sand, incredible malls and an endless night life.

Cancún Fun and shopping

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Shopping Time

Cancun offers several big and modern malls. All of them with gourmet restaurants, boutiques and international brands. The most known are: Caracol Plaza, Puerto Cancun Plaza, Kukulcan Plaza, Forum Plaza which is located next to the sea, La Isla Plaza, La Fiesta Plaza and some crafts markets like Coral Negro and Mercado 28 (located in the towncenter, take the R-2 bus)

Kukulcan Plaza

 Kukulcan Plaza is a mall done for shopping, it offers all types of options like: crafts, international brands boutiques, elegant perfumes and jewelry with astonishing pieces from famous designers. As well as select restaurants located in front of the Nichupte lagoon, with impressive terraces that give the best view. 

La Isla Plaza

Outstanding and ultra modern. La Isla is located on the Nichupte Lagoon, under a giant pavilion. Multiple channels and little bridges have been designed to give the place a resemblance to Venice. Besides having a lot of stores, the mall also has an aquarium, restaurants, movie theater and a seascape.

Caracol Plaza

Caracol Plaza is located in Cancun’s heart and is a mall with more than 30 years open. In there, our visitors will find art, design, fashion and entertainment in more than 120 stores that offer a great variety of excellent products and services for their shopping, such as: crafts, souvenirs, jewelry, restaurants, brand boutiques and perfumes, among others. Also it has great quality and excellent prices for our international and national visitors.

Forum Plaza

Forum Plaza by the SEA is a shopping and entertainment center that gives a unique space for national and international tourists with different interests. 

Its restaurants and night clubs are known internationally and are located next to the beach, the fun never ends here.

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