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 Baja California South Missions

Spanish Missions, an Oasis of Art & Culture

Visit Mexico's oldest and most historic missions of the Baja Peninsula. Explore these formidable constructions that have been preserved in perfect condition, such as the Mission of San Ignacio, one of the best preserved and most beautiful of Baja California Sur, built by Father Juan Bautista Luyando in early 1700's. Get to know this historic area where missionaries introduced the first rose bushes that flourish in these lands.

Jesuit Missions

Follow the trail of Jesuit missionaries who conquered the Indians with evangelization instead of weapons; In order to perform their religious rites that required wine and oil, they obtained permission to cultivate vines and olive trees, which were forbidden in the rest of New Spain, and as a result, the region now produces excellent wines and olive oil.

The blooming of tropical fruits in desert

Jesuits not only evangelized the Indians, they taught them how to make the desert bloom with date palms, introduced the cultivation of corn, wheat and sugarcane and made the earth produce fruit trees such as avocado and fig.

A Jewel of Baja, San Franciso Javier

The Misión of San Francisco Javier, founded in 1699, consisting of a simple adobe chapel and rectory built by Fr. Francisco María Piccolo. Its stunning architecture has earned the title of "The Jewel of the Baja California South Missions".