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 Monumental Archaeological Sites, Colonial Cities and Splendid Natural Wonders

Cancun is the gateway to the Maya World, offering monumental archeological sites, interesting colonial cities and splendid natural wonders such as the incomparable landscapes of mountains and volcanoes in the highlands of Chiapas and Guatemala, where the ethnic groups are our living culture.

 Archaeological Sites

 Sitios Arqueológicos.

 Archaeological sites are scattered throughout Cancun. Some of these small sites are located in the Pok Ta Pok golf course while others like "San Miguelito" and "Yumil Lu'um" are located in the hotel zone.

The larger sites of El Meco and El Rey are also located in the area. Open to the public since April 1, 2001, El Meco is located six kilometers north of Cancun on the Punta Sam highway. It consists of a large central plaza with vestiges of temples, columns and stucco-covered walls.

El Rey is an ancient Mayan city that was developed during the Post-Classic period - between 1200 and 1521. The site, consisting of 47 structures, is located in the Hotel Zone between Nichupte Lagoon and Playa Delfines.


 Acuario Interactivo.

 The Interactive Aquarium, located in La Isla Shopping Village in front of the Sheraton Hotel. The first museum of its kind in Latin America, it features a series of aquariums showcasing the variety of fish found in the Caribbean, as well as different types of coral growing in the area. In this same shopping mall, it is the Museo Pelopidas is a multidisciplinary space to enjoy the arts. It has a permanent collection of "false copyright", 131 works of impressionist masters and Impressionists neo Europeans and Americans, is also the ideal platform for established artists and new national and international talents.

There are 4 museums in the Hotel Zone. The first is the Archaeology Museum of Cancun, located next to the Convention Center. Operated by the National Anthropology and History Institute (INAH), it boasts an exhibition of original artifacts culled from excavations of several pre-Hispanic settlements in the state.

The fourth museum is the Mexican Popular Art Museum, in the El Embarcadero complex, located next to the Cancun Theater, at Km. 4 of Kukulcan Boulevard. It highlights the diversity of handicrafts found throughout Mexico.

 Mayan Museum

 Museo Maya.

 The museum shows more than 350 mayan archaeological objects, has three rooms, one for temporary exhibitions and the other two are permanent.

The first room is dedicated to the mayan civilization, displaying remains of more than 10,000 years ago and fauna and tools used then. The second room shows the cultural diversity of Mexico, sculptures and architectural elements.

The museum has accessibility for people with special needs and has shop-bookstore, cafe and educational services.



 Underwater Museum is located in the waters that surrounding Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Punta Nizuc.

The exhibition consists of more than 400 sculptures from international and local artists, and is one of the largest underwater attractions in the world.

MUSA promotes arts and environmental conservation.